La Bouture Dub meets Baltimores - Outdoormix Festival

La Bouture Dub meets Baltimores

Electro / Dub

La Bouture Dub is a duo of musicians, Pablo and Dansu. It is 5 years of sharing around the same project, born in the “Hautes-Alpes”, and more than a hundred dates to meet the public. Influences ranging from Hip Hop to World music, soaking up the encounters made during their tours, all in the service of a powerful Dub.

Baltimores is a singer/MC based in Marseille. After having acquired a solid stage and studio experience in various musical styles and projects, he finally refocused in 2017 on his favorite music, reggae/dub. To this day, he is one of the most active representatives of the new generation of French singers.
The MC has quickly made a name for himself in the sound system and UK dub scene thanks to remarkable collaborations with Massilia Hi-Fi, Wicked Dub Division, After All Sound System, Dub Foundry, Kandee, Kara Basse Sound System, Jah Works Promotion, Boom Hi-Fi, Mass-I Sound and Jungle Weed.

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