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Outdoormix Festival

You have questions about the festival ? Here you’ll find all the answer you need to have a good time at the Outdoormix Festival.


Teen & Kids ticket info

Children’s tickets

Because the family values of the festival are not limited to the day, we inform parents that tickets are free for all children under 10.

Where can I pick them up?

Children’s** and teenagers’** tickets will only be available for purchase at the festival’s sales points on the day.


For all young people under 16, we offer a special rate of €15 per evening.


What is the Culture Pass?

Accessible to all young people aged 15 to 18, the Culture Pass is a credit offered to these young people to access culture. The Outdoormix Festival is part of it. So join us with your friends for this weekend of Ride & Party!



1 - download the app

To find out about all the offers that are available to you depending on the credit you are granted.

2 - Register at
  • 18 years old: activate your EduConnect account and register on the Culture Pass.
  • over 18: register directly on the application.
3 -Make your choice

Have you made your choice? Book directly via the application and use your available credit.


Reselling your festival ticket

Unable to attend ?

Have you already bought a ticket and are you unable to get a refund? We provide a platform for you to sell your ticket in complete security.

Selling your ticket ?

After creating an account, simply upload your ticket and provide the requested information. An email will be sent to you when the sale is completed.
The sale price cannot exceed the original amount_.

Selling your ticket



All young people under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a legal guardian to enter the concert area.

A parental authorisation is compulsory for all teenagers between 16 and 18 years old accompanied by an adult other than the legal representative.



How to get here ?

Embrun, small town of character in the center of French Alps, on the shore of Serre-Ponçon lake, offers an exceptional setting to the Outdoormix Festival.

By car
  • Grenoble → Embrun : 2h30
  • Marseille → Embrun : 2h30
  • Turin →Embrun : 2h30
  • Lyon → Embrun : 3h30
  • Montpellier → Embrun : 4h00
  • Nice → Embrun : 4h00
  • Paris → Embrun : 7h30
By train
  • Paris → Embrun : direct overnight train
  • Marseille → Embrun : directTER
  • Lyon → Embrun : TER Lyon – Valence than take the connection TER Valence – Embrun
  • Grenoble → Embrun : TER Grenoble – Veynes than take the connection TER Veyne – Embrun

Where to sleep ?

Find the accommodation that suits you among the partner campsites and hotels located near the festival.


Where to park ?

Various parking lots near the festival are available for both cars and trucks.

Car parking

A large shaded and free parking is located near the event village.
It is open from Friday 10 am, and closes on Monday at 7 pm.
You will be greeted by volunteers who will make sure that you park as correctly and as quickly as possible.

Truck parking

For trucks and vehicles (other than the B permit), a specific area 20 minutes walk from the festival is dedicated to you. It is located at the end of the Chadenas road, between lake and mountains, in a unique natural setting.
This space is free and has a water and refuse containers.


Good to know

The money on the festival :
  • Festival money = the Mix
  • 1€ = 1 Mix

You will be able to buy your Mixes within the festival by going to one of the points of sale :

  • Information points (village)
  • Chalet Mix (concert)

Credit card accepted throughout the festival

The nearest distributors are 5 minutes walk from the festival (Magasin Super U and Intermarché).


Solutions to facilitate access for People with Reduced Mobility (PMR) and People with Disabilities (PSH) exist throughout the village and the concert area.

Lost and Found

All lost and found items will be available at the village reception the next day.
No deposit on the concert area.


Our four-legged friends are allowed in the village, but only on a leash.
On the other hand, they are forbidden in the concert area.


Concert info


The evening ticket office as well as the concert area open every evening from 7:30 pm to 3 am.
Ticket prices on site:

  • 27€ 1 night rate
  • 68€ 3 nights rate
  • Free (under 10 years old)

**Minors must be accompanied by an adult to access the concert area.
**Warning, any exit from the concert site is final. Thank you for taking your precautions.

Bar and Foodtrucks

A bar and Foodtrucks (including a Vegan) will be present in the concert area.
**Attention: Only the festival’s currency is accepted on these stands.

Relief and prevention

For your safety, the Red Cross has a permanent presence every night of the concert.

Prevention Association

A prevention stand will also be present at the entrance to the concert area and will be run by the association “Avenir Santé”. The association is committed to improving and preserving the health of young people between 12 and 25 years old on four main themes: addictions, road accidents, sexual and auditory risks, through prevention and risk reduction.


Safety instructions

At the entrance of the festival

Please remain patient and cooperative with the security guards please.

Prepare your tickets

Palpation by an agent

Checking the bags

Prohibited Items

No locker at the entrance to the concert zone.

Alcohol & bottles

Weapons & sharps

(even on a leash)

Bulky bags
(H40 x L23 x P10)


Le village

Le village Outdoormix

Notre village événement sera ouvert tous les jours de 9 h 00 à 19 h 00 pour vous accueillir.

Un espace agréable ou vous pourrez profiter de toutes les animations, observer les sportifs réaliser des exploits ou encore vous relaxer au bord de l’eau.

Vous aurez la possibilité de vous restaurer sur le village grâce à nos Food Trucks présent sur tout l’événement.

Points informations

C’est ici que vous pourrez vous procurer vos billets pour les concerts, des Mix, ou venir vous renseigner sur les programmes sportifs et les initiations afin de ne rien rater !!

Boutique Outdoormix

En plein cœur du village, vous pourrez vous y procurer T-shirts, casquettes, eco-cup, affiches et de nombreux goodies… à l’image du festival.


Situés dans un cadre naturel unique en bordure du parc des Ecrins, nous faisons notre maximum pour tenir le lieu le plus propre possible. Nous demandons à tous de respecter ce travail et le cadre du festival.


Welcoming sportsmen and volunteers

Accredited Members

A specific welcome is only intended for members requiring accreditation: athletes, volunteers, companions… The reception is located between the concert area and the entrance to the Outdoormix village.


For all registered members, this is the mandatory passage to come and pick up :

  • Your personal accreditation
  • Your Welcome Bag
Sports Registrations

For all the late sportsmen who wish to register on the spot, it is here that it is necessary to come (CB and species only).
Please note that additional fees are added on the sports rates.

Opening Hours
  • Thursday: from 4pm to 10pm
  • Friday: from 7am to 9pm
  • Saturday: from 7am to 9 pm
  • Sunday: from 8am to 9pm
  • Monday: from 8am to 6pm

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