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F.A.Q. Reception

I bought a RIDER PASS online. Do I have to check in?

Yes, check-in is compulsory for all athletes registered online. It validates your presence at the competition and allows you to be entered in the starting grids. In addition, some competitions require you to pick up a race number to take part, and it’s during this check-in that the athlete receives his or her bib.

I bought a FULL PASS, when do I get my concert tickets back?

Accreditations for athletes who have purchased a FULL PASS are handed out at the festival reception during check-in. It is these accreditations that give access to the concert area.

I've bought a FULL PASS, what about the campsite reception?

If you chose the “Camping Clapière” option when you registered, we’ll give you a wristband to enter the campsite and settle in. To facilitate the work of our volunteers, we advise all sportsmen and women to go through the festival reception first, before going to the “Camping de la Clapière” reception.

If you’ve selected one of the “Camping du CNASP” or “Camping du Petit Liou” options, you don’t need a wristband, just go to the reception desk of one of these campsites to set up.

WARNING: pitch reservations at “Camping du CNASP” and “Camping du Petit Liou” must be made in advance of the festival by the athletes themselves.


F.A.Q. Staff

What does my volunteer accreditation give me access to?

Volunteer accreditation gives access to the concert area only. They allow access to certain areas of the concert zone, depending on your mission.

What do the letters on the volunteer credentials stand for?

These letters give access to certain areas of the concert zone, depending on your mission.

How do I get to the volunteer campsite?

To access the volunteer pitches at “Camping de la Clapière”, you must first check in at the festival reception. When you check in, we’ll give you a wristband that gives you access to the campsite.

Do I have to pay anything to access the volunteer campsite?

No, access to the volunteer pitches in the “Caming de la Clapière” is offered by the organization.

How are meals organized for volunteers?

We’ll give you a meal voucher when you check in. For your information, one meal is offered per day worked, depending on the assignment. If you work during the day, lunch is provided; if you work in the evening, dinner is provided.


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