F.A.Q. Concerts

Where can I get tickets to see the concerts?

Right up to the last minute, you can buy your tickets either online on our website, or on site at the various sales outlets during the day and at the ticket office at the entrance to the concert area.
Opening hours daytime sales points: 09:00 to 19:30
Opening hours concert area ticket office: 19:30 to 01:00

Does the purchase of a ticket on the festival's online store include access to the campsite?

No, the purchase of a Full Party Pass or an Evening Pass on the official festival ticketing service does not include camping. Reserving a campsite or other accommodation is the responsibility of the festival-goer and/or visitor.

Are you introducing the Culture Pass?

Yes, you can find all our offers on the Pass Culture application. To take advantage of this, please read the section on Pass Culture just below.

Are there reduced rates for the unemployed or disabled?

No, our ticketing system does not allow direct online verification of this information with the French employment office (Pôle Emploi) or the public service. But if you buy your tickets during the “blind” or “earlybird” periods, you can get a substantial discount on your ticket purchase.

Is the exit from the concert zone definitive?

Yes, all exits from the concert zone are final. If you wish to re-enter the zone once you’ve left, you’ll have to buy another ticket, while stocks last. To avoid any inconvenience, we advise you to take all necessary precautions before entering the concert zone.

Is the concert area accessible to people with reduced mobility or disabilities?

Yes, the concert area is accessible to people with reduced mobility or disabilities. It is possible to use crutches or a wheelchair, and there are disabled toilets (at the entrance to the concert area).


Where can I pick up free tickets for children under 12?

These tickets will be given to the legal guardian holding a valid ticket, at the ticket office, at the entrance to the concert area.

Is there a reduced rate for under-16s?

No, there are no special ticket prices for minors under 16.

My child under 16 wants to come to the concert. What are the conditions of access to the concert area?

To gain access to the concert area, a person under 16 years of age must bring proof of identity (or a copy) and be accompanied by a parent (or, failing this, have a signed parental authorization indicating the legal representative).

Without these conditions, the minor may be refused access to the concert area.

A parental consent form to be completed and signed online is available below.⬇️

My child is between 16 and 18. Does he or she need to be accompanied by a legal representative?

This is strongly advised for your child’s own good. Otherwise, anyone between 16 and 18 years of age must carry parental authorization and an ID card (or a copy) with them throughout the evening.

A parental consent form to be completed and signed online is available below.⬇️


Is the concert area accessible to people with reduced mobility or disabilities?

Yes, it is possible to move around the concert area in a wheelchair or on crutches. The area is also accessible to all disabled persons.
For disabled persons, special toilets are available in the concert area.

Is there an emergency stand in the concert area?

Yes, for your safety, the White Cross is on duty every concert night.

Are there any prevention booths in the concert area?

Yes, in addition to the Croix-Blanche stand, present for your safety, two prevention stands will also be present at the entrance to the concert area.

  • The first will be run by “Avenir Santé”, an association committed to improving and preserving the health of young people aged between 12 and 25 through prevention and risk reduction - more info on the Avenir Santé website - The second, run by ENIPSE, will be on hand to provide information on STDs and consent - more info on the ENIPSE website

Is there food and drink available in the concert area?

Yes, two bars and Foodtrucks (including one Vegan) will be on hand in the concert area for refreshments and drinks Methods of payment accepted: Mix and C.B.

Is there a locker at the entrance to the concert area?

No, there are no lockers at the entrance to the concert area. Please refer to the list of prohibited items below.

Can I take my dog into the concert area?

No, pets, even on a leash, are forbidden in the entire concert area.

Is there a space for lost and found objects in the concert area?

No, all lost and found items will be available the morning after each concert at the festival reception desk.

Safety instructions

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What is the Culture Pass?

Accessible to all young people from 15 to 18 years old, the Culture Pass is a credit offered to these young people to access culture. The Outdoormix Festival is part of it. So join us with your friends for this weekend of Ride & Party!

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F.A.Q. Pass Culture

When can I book my ticket with the culture pass?

Tickets for the 3 evenings and evening tickets will be available on the culture pass only from March 18, 2024.

What kind of tickets can I buy with the Culture Pass?

It is possible to buy either a pass for the 3 evenings, or passes for the evenings on the Pass Culture.

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