Spring 2024

Outdoormix Festival

May 17th - 2024

+ 115 000
+ 14
+ 20

F.A.Q. General

Will tickets be available on the Pass Cultture app this year?

Yes, we’re renewing the Pass Culture experience again this year. The offers will be available on the Pass Culture application only once the normal sales phase is over. The duration of this phase depends on the progress of ticket sales. A limited number of 3-night tickets and evening tickets will be available on the Culture Pass.

Do Full Party Passes include access to the campsite?

No, the purchase of a Full Party Pass or an Evening Pass on the festival’s official ticketing service does not include camping, as they only cover access to the festival’s concert area.

Where can I find information about minors entering the concert zone?

You can find all the information about entry to the concert area for minors on our Concert Info page.

Relive the Winter's 5th edition

Our riders

They participated in the Outdoormix.
Nicolas Terrier - Outdoormix Festival

Nicolas Terrier

MTB Dirt MTB Dirt 29 yo fr

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Tom Dollé - Outdoormix Festival

Tom Dollé

Snow Kayak Snow Kayak 23 yo fr

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Morgane Such - Outdoormix Festival

Morgane Such

MTB Downhill MTB Downhill 29 yo fr

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Pablo Signoret - Outdoormix Festival

Pablo Signoret

Slackline Highline 25 yo fr

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