Sport Passes

The different passes


FROM €5 TO €75

The RIDER PASS allows you to take part in competitions during the festival only.


FROM €98 TO €115

The Full Pass gives access to the whole festival! Worth knowing:
  ⯈ Access to competitions
  ⯈ Access to concerts
  ⯈ Accommodation at camping *
  ⯈ A Rider Welcome Pack (T-shirt, ecocup and goodies!)
  ⯈ A physiotherapy session
  ⯈ Possibility of booking a Pass +1, to come accompanied by the person of your choice.



The Pass +1 (formerly PASS Accompagnateur) allows riders holding a Full Pass to come accompanied with the same benefits. Good to know:
  ⯈ Access to the concerts
  ⯈ Accommodation at the camping *
  ⯈ A Welcome Pack Accompanist (T-shirt, ecocup and goodies!).

F.A.Q. Sport passes

How much does a RIDER PASS cost?

RIDER PASS prices range from €5 to €40, depending on the competition you wish to enter.

How much does a FULL PASS cost?

FULL PASS prices range from €98 to €115, depending on the competition you wish to enter.

How much does a PASS +1 cost?

The price of a companion pass (=PASS +1), unlike sports passes, is fixed at €88.

What are the conditions for adding a companion to my sports registration?

To add a companion to your registration, you must already have selected a PASS FULL. Adding a companion is not possible for people who have chosen a PASS RIDER. You can only add a companion once we have validated your sports registration (i.e. once we have validated the document you provided for your sports registration). Once your registration has been validated, you will receive an e-mail with a unique token (=code) that you can use to unlock the companion registration form on the website.

Can I register my accompanying person directly when I register?

No, we must first validate your sports registration (=validate the document you provide when you register). In addition, to register your companion, you will need to create a new account and a new profile so that we have the information in our database for their check-in on D-Day at the festival reception.
One person = one registration = one profile = one welcome bag.

Is there a price difference between online and on-site registration?

Yes, online registration is cheaper than on-site. These rates increase by €10 for all FULL PASSes and by €5 for all RIDER PASSes when registering on site.

PLEASE NOTE: only RIDER PASSes for Pumptrack remain fixed at €5, whether registering online or on site.

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