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Musette Rap

In the manner of American rappers who sample Soul or Jazz records, JAVA was the first group to mix the musette accordion with rap. Texts written to the line, flow having nothing to envy to the rappers of the time, very accomplished arrangements, devastating humor, hypnotic groove, “Hawaï” was going to mark its time and a whole generation. It is now considered a classic.

After a silence of more than ten years, our four companions decide to go back on stage. Not, to play the nostalgic string, but because they still have many things to say. Enriched by the different experiences of the members of the group, JAVA is like wine, it ages well and is ready to deliver a vintage 20 years old on all the festivals of the summer 2022.

The cocktail “sex, accordion and alcohol” should make sparks fly, and that’s not a mint in the water!

We are hautesalpes

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