Jetset Fucker - Outdoormix Festival

Jetset Fucker

Rap / Hip Hop

In a seriously offbeat register, J7F is a crew composed of 4MCs and a DJ/beatmaker. Between dancefloor and hiphop electro ambiences, Al Zheimer, Bifidus, Crashpad, Epsylo and LeChat take the stage in hand and turn it into a boiling hot space. Costumes, scenography, lyrics and instrustments will take you into a show full of derision and energy… They have been awarded several times: 1st prize for interpretation of the world day of the fight against the autotune and gold medalists at the competition of the best rappers workers of France (MORF) in particular…

quoteAll, all their fans are beautiful (Franck Mickael)

We are hautesalpes

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