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Kacem Wapalek


Kacem Wapalek is a French singer, writer and beatmaker specialized in rap, recognized for his figures of style (in particular his numerous alliterations) and his poetic writing.
Originally from the Lyon region, Kacem Wapalek performs on national stages in France, Belgium and Switzerland, accompanied by a DJ or musicians.

In the service of a committed message, his flow is perfectly mastered and his texts are incredible constructions of word games whose themes are only pretexts for the overflow of a fertile imagination. By turns lyricist, performer and composer, he delivers his performance in a courteous but complex way, in an endearing and touching way as these artists totally inhabited by their art, seem to undergo rather than seek the status of icon.

Kacem Wapalek has been active in the French hip-hop scene for over a decade. But Kacem is not just hip-hop. He is a character and a project much more open than that. An artist who does not hesitate to navigate within a universe also marked by jazz and French song.

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