Puppetmastaz - Outdoormix Festival


Hip Hop / Electro

The Story of the Puppetmastaz begins with a mystery: it is said that in the late 90ies, Puppets from all over the world got together in Berlin to create a political movement. Led by Mr. Maloke, a Mole with a Top Hat and a big mouth, they started to put out the word to us humans. And when they felt that nobody was listening to them preaching in the street, they decided to create a Toyband, put music to their words and, as it was a lot of things to be said, they chose Rapmusic.

There are more than 20 different Puppet Characters, all carefully worked out by Paul PM and his Crew, and each of them alone is a great performer live and recorded. Together these Puppets create an amazing spectacle.

Spring 2018

Les Lacets des Fées - Outdoormix Festival

Les Lacets des Fées

Hip Hop / Dub / Rock

Puppetmastaz - Outdoormix Festival


Hip Hop / Electro

Dj Moule Orchestra - Outdoormix Festival

Dj Moule Orchestra

Bootleg / Mash-up / Pop

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