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Damiano Benedetto it

Sports & action photographer

I started taking pictures with my uncle when I was a child, I limited myself to a few because film was expensive. Since that day, I continue to admire the world around me and try to make the most out of each photo.

Personally, I don’t like labels, but I try to see and document human emotions, capturing them through my lens.
I was trying to think about the staging to make beautiful pictures. As I’ve said many times, the Outdoormix was a great step in my experience as a photographer, a great family with lots of friends and fun. Always good to be a part of it.

If I have to sum up the festival, I think that between sports and concerts, the best moment is the beer “La Chouffe”, in the evening with the other photographers in the concert space.
"Chouffe one day, Chouffe always!!! »

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