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It was in 2005 that I discovered an intoxication that will never go away, photography.
Always lulled by alternative sports, I was quickly guided by the wicked and bellicose image of BMX.
I photograph for major competitions, the French and foreign press, and recognized sportsmen. I capture the movement, and paradoxically, I freeze the adrenaline.
A few years ago, I met the intoxicating softness of silver, and I fell in love with a Mamiya. I had to learn to take my time, to tame the work of black and white, seeing the world and thinking it in black and white.
Part-time arsonist, punk lover, I like to play with words, and to think.
I realize projects around sometimes thorny subjects, cigarettes, graffiti or eroticism, because I like to examine, debate, quibble, simply exchange.

My ritual is to come to the Outdoormix every year since the 2nd edition, with my assistant and travel companion Loïc.
In 2018, the animal had already been in New Zealand for a few months, and I was starting my first OMF orphaned by its presence.
The first evening, I photographed the Puppetmastaz Show and as I turn towards the crowd, I see him behind the barrier, smiling up to his ears!
Moved and surprised, I ask him how long he’s been in France, and he answers: "I just arrived, I couldn’t miss the best feast in the world!

The Outdoormix in 1 picture

View by Johan Desma

It’s hard to sum up the Outdoormix in one photo!
I chose the one of Inaki Mazza, because seeing the bike buddies again is always a pleasure, that this ramp brings back a lot of memories with the team of photographers (a Big up to them) and that Inaki, he always has a smile on his face, no matter what happens, and that’s the Outdoormix spirit.


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