Germain Gasdon - Outdoormix Festival

Germain Gasdon

Logistic & Administrative Director

The logistics of the project is my main mission. I’m the one who has control over the material, over the timing of the tasks. A huge part of my job is to coordinate the project, to make sure that everything goes smoothly and logically.

My vision of the outdoormix festival

My missions


Throughout the year I put in place the methods and means necessary for the smooth running of the event.
This mission involves managing the administrative and financial plans of the association.

The administrative

I take care of the paperwork for the association’s office.
The Legal aspect, insurances, procedures or specifications are part of my daily work.

The financing

In order to make a Festival happen, it is necessary to calculate the costs and the financing. Therefore, I also work on the financing plan of the festival, through the provisional budgets or grant applications.

His achievements

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