Gamac - Outdoormix Festival


French Song / Pop / Rock

Leaders of French song, rock and conservatory groups, some have trodden the boards of Printemps de Bourges, others have sat in the armchairs of France Inter. Accustomed to the stage, Gamac composes an alternative pop / rock music: powerful rhythms, delicate harmonies and incisive lyrics in a pure hip hop style.

Gamac is also a great friendship, a family story in which two singers and four musicians rise up against individualism, overconsumption and pollution, degrading human relationships to the extreme. Failing to flee, they fix their lives on melodies.

Spring 2015

Soviet Suprem - Outdoormix Festival

Soviet Suprem

Chanson Française / militaro-punk

Smokey Joe & The Kid - Outdoormix Festival

Smokey Joe & The Kid

Electro HipHop

Captain Cumbia - Outdoormix Festival

Captain Cumbia

Electro / Cumbia

We are hautesalpes

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