O.B.F & Charlie P & Sr Wilson - Outdoormix Festival

O.B.F & Charlie P & Sr Wilson

Reggae / Dembow

It’s been fifteen years since O.B.F has been conducting soundsystem sessions of unparalleled intensity on traditional sound systems. The collective based in Haute Savoie, internationally recognized for its over-vitaminized dub productions, has made all the audiences of France dance, even shaking America, the whole of Europe and Asia. Ambassador of a contemporary dub as solidly attached to his Jamaican & UK roots as turned towards modern Hip-Hop & Bass music productions, the most warrior of the French soundsystems mobilizes today his MC crew to offer us a new show made for the stage.

Sharp digital reggae, dub of the future and trap influences are on the program of this new musical excursion which reveals all the facets of the inimitable style of O.B.F. At the microphone the MC CREW will be in charge of igniting the debates. Two to three MCs, all considered as real figures of the soundsystem milieu, will be present on each date. This crew specially gathered for the occasion gathers MCs who are among the most talented of their respective countries, with Charlie P for England, Sr Wilson for Spain and Junior Roy for France.

“O.B.F & CREW” is a shrow carried by a dream team of MCs, a show that pays tribute to Jamaican music and rubadub while turning the crowd upside down with great
sub bass blows !

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Active since the beginning of the 2000’s, fervent defender of self-production, O.B.F has progressively become one of the most requested soundsystems of the international dub scene. The collective based in Haute-Savoie is very active in Geneva where it regularly organizes its “Dubquake” and “Top Ranking” parties. They also run two labels “O.B.F Records” & “Dubquake Records” and regularly collaborate with many MCs and producers. Their productions with an inimitable style mix reggae, dub, bassmusic and trap influences.

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Charlie P.

MC from Southend in Essex, Charlie P has worked with some of the biggest names in the UK dub scene before deciding to work more closely with O.B.F. His recent releases on O.B.F Records or Dubquake Records and his formidable live performances make him one of the most prominent MCs on the current soundsystem scene.
At only 24 years old, Charlie P has numerous singles & EP’s, several albums and an impressive experience and resume.

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Sr Wilson

Based in Barcelona, Sr Wilson is one of the few English-speaking Spanish MCs to perform outside the Iberian Peninsula. Currently busy flipping the most prestigious sound-system sessions in Europe with O.B.F, he continues to build a real experience of the scene by leading a solo project with a band in parallel.
Inspired by the emblematic Jamaican deejays of the 80’s & 90’s, Sr Wilson has found a formidable flow that has earned him the reputation of being a first class rubadub MC

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Spring 2023

Naâman - Outdoormix Festival


Reggae / World Music

O.B.F & Charlie P & Sr Wilson - Outdoormix Festival

O.B.F & Charlie P & Sr Wilson

Reggae / Dembow

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