Semiah - Outdoormix Festival



Featuring Green Cross in 2017, Semiah is a self-taught songwriter. He started as Selecta reggae by creating the Zion Connexion Sound between Rennes and the Hautes-Alpes and his own radio show on After a few years, he ended up developing his own style of Dub. In the spirit of “do it yourself” he writes, composes, records, arranges and mixes himself his tracks to share them live with the audience.

Spring 2016

Ondubground - Outdoormix Festival


DJ Vadim - Outdoormix Festival

DJ Vadim

Soul / Reggae / Hip hop

L'Entourloop - Outdoormix Festival


Hip-Hop / Reggae

Spring 2017

Skarra Mucci - Outdoormix Festival

Skarra Mucci

Reggae / Dance / Hip Hop

Dubmatix live band - Outdoormix Festival

Dubmatix live band

Bass Music Dub / Reggae

Roni Size - Outdoormix Festival

Roni Size

Drum & Bass

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