The Words - Outdoormix Festival

The Words

Electro Chill / Funk

In 2015, The Words delivers us its “Second Chapter” even more melodic, plunging us this time into universes more Chill but still as Funky ! The different tracks are more and more varied and give us a very nice idea of the register on which The Words composes. This Album will be supported by “The Noisy Freaks” (Lowtemp Records) and the massive blogs “Dealer de Musique” and “Electro News”, and will allow Lives performances everywhere in France and even in Slovenia…

Summer 2021

Dub Inc - Outdoormix Festival

Dub Inc

Reggae / World Music

Les Hurlements d'Léo - Outdoormix Festival

Les Hurlements d'Léo

Punk Caravaning song

NTO - Outdoormix Festival


Electro / Hungry Music

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