Snow MTB Snow MTB

Outdoormix festival

If winter is still here, the need to ride is already starting to be felt by the riders who came to compete on the snowy slopes of the resort. Instead of hibernating, the 2-wheelers decided to test their brakes on the slope on snow!


Snow MTB

  • Format : Snow MTB Combined (Boarder cross & Downhill)
  • Spot : Snow front Vars
  • Competition days: Saturday, January 16, 2021
  • Number of seats : 48
  • Required documents : Medical certificate
  • Registration fee : 10 €


Snow MTB
Elie Robert - Outdoormix Festival

Elie Robert

Snow MTB Snow MTB 25 yo fr

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Franck  Chauvet - Outdoormix Festival

Franck Chauvet

Snow MTB Snow MTB 28 yo fr

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Maxime Peythieu - Outdoormix Festival

Maxime Peythieu

Snow MTB Snow MTB 26 yo fr

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Morgane Such - Outdoormix Festival

Morgane Such

MTB Downhill MTB Downhill 24 yo fr

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Tomas Lemoine - Outdoormix Festival

Tomas Lemoine

Snow MTB Snow MTB 24 yo fr

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Snow MTB


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