Winter 2018

Outdoormix Festival



1st edition


Vars ( Hautes-Alpes )

Relive the first edition of the Outdoormix Winter adventure! In 2018, Vars la Forêt Blanche and WE05 join forces to create the first edition of the Snow version Outdoormix.

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Sports results

Sports programming is the priority on this first draft. The WE05 team is discovering the reality of snow-covered logistics and is doing quite well! All sports are going wonderfully with very good feedback from the federations on the holding of the French ski and snowboard freestyle cups. The buzz is ensured by the snow kayak whose images have been around the world! In the evening, the public is at the rendezvous and despite the snowfall in the middle of a concert, the artists knew how to ensure the show. Vars and WE05 emerge from this first collaboration with a smile and full of improvement projects for a second validated edition!


Free concert

EZPZ - Outdoormix Festival


Swing Hip-Hop

Free concert

Radio Tutti feat Barilla Sisters - Outdoormix Festival

Radio Tutti feat Barilla Sisters

Cumbia / Hip hop


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Winter 2018
Rui Mimoso - Outdoormix Festival

Rui Mimoso

Slackline Trickline 39 yo pt

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Pablo Signoret - Outdoormix Festival

Pablo Signoret

Slackline Highline 24 yo fr

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Nathan Faure-Vincent - Outdoormix Festival

Nathan Faure-Vincent

Slackline Trickline 27 yo fr

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Maxime Peythieu - Outdoormix Festival

Maxime Peythieu

Snow MTB Snow MTB 29 yo fr

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Franck  Chauvet - Outdoormix Festival

Franck Chauvet

Snow MTB Snow MTB 31 yo fr

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Eliot  Nochez - Outdoormix Festival

Eliot Nochez

Paraglider Paraglider 29 yo fr

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Antony Newton - Outdoormix Festival

Antony Newton

Slackline Highline 34 yo fr

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