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Wing tour région sud

Foilers, a promising program awaits you this year, with the addition of a Freestyle contest alongside the Outdoormix stage of the Wing Tour Région Sud 2024, organized by the Club Nautique Alpin of Serre-Ponçon.



What documents do I need to register for a Wingfoil competition?

To register for Wingfoil competitions, you need :

  • either a valid FFV license,
  • an International Sport Insurance,
  • or a medical certificate enabling you to practice wingfoil in competition, issued less than three years before May 20, 2024*.
  • and parental authorization for minors

*WARNING: If you register with a medical certificate, you’ll need to take out a temporary 4-day FFV license (€34), which you can buy in advance online or on the day itself at check-in.

What equipment do I need to take part in Wingfoil competitions?

To take part in Wingfoil competitions, it is essential to have :

  • a wing and foil in racing condition
  • a helmet
  • a life jacket
  • a long-leg neoprene suit

Where are the Wingfoil competitions held?

The Wing Tour Région Sud takes place on the Embrun water.

What is the Wingfoil podium schedule?

The Wing Tour Sud league championship podiums will be announced on Sunday May 19 at 7pm.
Freestyle Show podiums will be announced on Monday May 20 at 6pm.

Do I have to attend the Wingfoil podiums?

Yes, you must be present at the Wingfoil podium to receive your prize. No prize will be sent by post or collected by a third party.

Are meals included in the Full Passes?

No, the FULL PASS no longer includes meals for athletes. Food trucks are available:

  • In the event village’s catering area every day until 9:30 p.m.
  • In the concert zone from 7:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.

Is it possible to sleep near the lake?

Yes, the CNASP campsite, a partner of the event, offers all riders* a special rate of €8/night, and is located right next to the lake.

*price valid for Rider Pass, Full Pass and Pass +1

Where can I stay with a Full Pass?

Accommodation at the official campsite “La Clapière” is free for Full Pass holders.

However, if you prefer a quieter setting, you can opt for one of the festival’s partner campsites: the CNASP campsite and the “Petit Liou”, where you’ll benefit from a reduced rate of €8/night.
Reservations and payments for those two campsites can be made directly with them.

Where can I stay with a Rider Pass?

Rider Pass holders can stay at one of the two Sérénité partner campsites, Petit Liou and CNASP, where they will benefit from a reduced rate of €8/night.
Reservations and payment at the Sérénité campsites must be made directly with these sites.



The RIDER PASS allows you to take part in competitions during the festival only.


The Full Pass gives access to the whole festival! Worth knowing:
  ⯈ Access to competitions
  ⯈ Access to concerts
  ⯈ Accommodation at camping *
  ⯈ A Rider Welcome Pack (T-shirt, ecocup and goodies!)
  ⯈ A free physiotherapy session
  ⯈ Possibility of booking a Pass +1, to come accompanied by the person of your choice.


The Pass +1 (formerly PASS Accompagnateur) allows riders holding a Full Pass to come accompanied with the same benefits. Good to know:
  ⯈ Access to the concerts
  ⯈ Accommodation at the camping *
  ⯈ A Welcome Pack Accompanist (T-shirt, ecocup and goodies!).

*Catering not included in accommodation. Foodtrucks are available in the village until 9:30pm and in the concert area from 7:30pm to 2:30am every day.


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