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Antoine Bizet

fr 27 yo


Antoine Bizet is a MTB Freeride and Freestyle prodigy. At the age of 26, he has already participated in the Red Bull Rampage five times to place himself among the best in the world. Taking advantage of every opportunity to travel, meet other riders and have fun, he does not forget his origins and returns from time to time to Versailles to train on his first spots.

Adept of new performances, he uses a particular training method: water jumping, ideal in hot weather. We still expect a lot from him !

His sponsors

  • Rose bikes
  • Kali
  • Adidas eyewear
  • Ion
  • Mountainbiker versailles
  • Ht components
  • Rlimite

His sport

MTB Downhill MTB Downhill
MTB Downhill

Impressive by its speed and extreme side the Moutain Bike Downhill (or downhill mountain bike) is a spectacular race open to local and professional sportsmen and women to confront each other on a natural track of 4 kilometers with 600 meters of negative gradient, punctuated by rocks, roots and jumps. With speed peaks of over 50 km/h, hang on because it goes fast in the larch trees.

His achievements


2nd - Redbull Rampage (Utah - USA)


1st - l'Happy Ride (Barcelona)


2nd - Redbull Rampage (Utah - USA)

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MTB Downhill

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