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Tom Fire

Electro Fire

In the era of Ladygagic dance, folk sustainability and computer-aided artists, Tom Fire’s music is a miracle. Defrocked conservatory pianist, chic double bass player, wizard of the Micromoog, prolix producer for others, Tom Fire indeed knows how to compose, play and produce, as in former times. In his studio hide-away from Père Lachaise, alone or in good company, he imagines music that makes travel between Kingston and Ménilmontant, but better, without having to pay the ticket: dub played at good speed, pop without " u ”, vicious lullabies, intimate riddim, and also a little electro, for pecho. A pot of styles and ideas that never forgets its own color: that of fire. That’s good, by the way, his name is Tom Fire.

Josselin Bordat (BRAIN MAGAZINE)

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