La Clapière - Outdoormix Festival

La Clapière

Well known to amateurs and professionals alike, the wave of La Clapière is strongly linked to the history of Embrun. Located at the entrance of the city at the level of the bridge of the national road, on the Durance. Rafts, kayaks and canoes from the Saint-Clément base finish their race at the base of La Clapière. The site is passable most of the year and is very accessible for white water sports enthusiasts.

How to get there?

The large shaded parking lot located on the water is the best place to park. You can then follow the Durance river by going up on the dike along the dirt road to reach the wave of La Clapière which is located just after the bridge of the national road.


Clapière’s activities

La Clapière has become in a few years a must for freestyle kayaking. At the edge of the national highway with an easy launch, it is the perfect wave for beginners and professionals to have fun.



Become one with your board to discover extreme whitewater sensations!


Canoë - Kayak

Come and discover a lively area renowned among amateur and professional groups for a moment of intense adrenaline!

The Clapière history

The World War II

La Clapière was once one of the only crossing points across the Durance. We find some traces of the old bridge that was blown up by resistance fighters in 1944 to block German troops.


In 2003, the remains of the bridge are removed to make way for rocks that form the first wave and give birth to a first gliding festival. In 2008 a flood washed away the installation and it was not until 2014 that new rocks were installed under the initiative of Alexandre Besseau and the wave reappeared.

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