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Outdoormix festival

Loaded with history, the wave of La Clapière is currently an emblematic spot in the Hautes-Alpes for freestyle kayaking. This discipline requires technique and fluidity to achieve fast and precise “tricks”. With calm and cold blood, the kayakers will have to master the power of the current to place their tricks and convince the judges and the public.


Kayak Freestyle

  • Spot : the Durance and wave of the Clapière
  • Format : fun slalom + freestyle party
  • Competition days : Saturday 22 & Sunday 23 May 2021
  • Number of places : 80
  • Required documents : KFCF license or medical certificate*.
  • Registration fee :
    80 € (concerts & competition)
    15 € (competition only)

*Please note: additional fee for registration with a medical certificate for the “Canoe plus” card.


Canoe Kayak
Agata Sobieraj-Jakubiec - Outdoormix Festival

Agata Sobieraj-Jakubiec

Canoe Kayak Kayak Freestyle 23 yo pl

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Eric Deguil - Outdoormix Festival

Eric Deguil

Canoe Kayak Kayak Extreme 40 yo fr

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Jacques Gilardone - Outdoormix Festival

Jacques Gilardone

Canoe Kayak Kayak Extreme 31 yo it

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Joaquim Fontané Maso - Outdoormix Festival

Joaquim Fontané Maso

Canoe Kayak Kayak Freestyle 27 yo es

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Jonas Le Morvan - Outdoormix Festival

Jonas Le Morvan

Canoe Kayak Kayak Extreme 26 yo fr

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Lukas Cervinka - Outdoormix Festival

Lukas Cervinka

Canoe Kayak Kayak Freestyle 32 yo cz

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Mathieu Dumoulin - Outdoormix Festival

Mathieu Dumoulin

Canoe Kayak Kayak Freestyle 34 yo fr

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Michal Buchtel - Outdoormix Festival

Michal Buchtel

Canoe Kayak Kayak Extreme 35 yo cz

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Michele Ramazza - Outdoormix Festival

Michele Ramazza

Canoe Kayak Kayak Extreme 37 yo it

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Pavlina Zasterova - Outdoormix Festival

Pavlina Zasterova

Canoe Kayak Kayak Extreme 25 yo cz

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Canoe Kayak


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