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Lucas Poulain



Member of the Entre Couzs collective, it is a group of riders from all over the world, from Switzerland and France. The couzs decided to get together to share their passion for skateboarding and its moments of complicity.

His sponsors

  • Entre Couzs
  • Blackkross
  • Venom Skate
  • Rogue Trucks

His sport

Longboard Longboard

After years of shredding the same Réallon road, we heard the message from the LGB community: "We want something new! So OK! This year, we’re switching the Longboard freeride to the Les Orres road, located 5 min from the Outdoormix village, with a brand-new asphalt surface! Come one, come all!

A video detailing the new route is available below.

NOTICE: this year, registration for the Skate pumptrack competition is no longer included in your longboard pass.
If you wish to register, you’ll need to add it to your longboard pass (Full or Rider) when you register online.

His achievements


3rd - Downhill Wolrd Championship

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