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Outdoormix festival

The longboard is a skateboard deck, but a much longer length to gain stability. Launched at full speed on winding mountain roads, longboarders reach impressive speeds with peaks of over 90 km/h.


Longboard Freeride

  • Spot :** Réallon road : 4 kilometers, 300 m. of difference in altitude, 9 pins, top speed 90 km/h
  • Format : user-friendly freeride
  • Freeride Days : Friday 22nd to Monday 24th May 2021
  • Number of places : 120
  • Required documents : FFRS license or medical certificate*.
  • Registration fee :
    80 € (concerts & competitions)
    30 € (competition only)

*Please note: there is an additional fee of 10€ for any registration with a medical certificate.

Longboard Slide Contest

Riders will do the show during a slide braking contest at the heart of village Sunday. Spectacular animation, don’t miss it !

  • Spot : Outdoormix Festival village
  • Open contest for longboarders from freeride only.


Anne Poursin - Outdoormix Festival

Anne Poursin

Longboard Longboard 26 yo fr

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Gaetan Ricord - Outdoormix Festival

Gaetan Ricord

Longboard Longboard 22 yo fr

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Lucas Poulain - Outdoormix Festival

Lucas Poulain

Longboard Longboard fr

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Lyde Begue - Outdoormix Festival

Lyde Begue

Longboard Longboard 0 yo fr

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Yanis Markarian - Outdoormix Festival

Yanis Markarian

Longboard Longboard 24 yo fr

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