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The longboard is a skateboard deck, but a much longer length to gain stability. Launched at full speed on winding mountain roads, longboarders reach impressive speeds with peaks of over 90 km/h.


Having exceptionally changed our dates to ensure a special edition in September 2021, the entire sports program has been subject to many new constraints, which force the organizers to postpone some competitions.

Their nature is varied: practice conditions, material logistics and especially the availability of our faithful volunteers, many of whom are local seasonal workers who finish their season at the end of September.

These constraints imply a reflection and a reorganization of all our logistics within the framework of the organization of the longboard freeride in Réallon.

You have already ridden in Réallon on one of our last editions, so you could see how much this sport requires us, as organizers, a consequent material and human logistics.

It is with all these constraints in mind that we have taken the sad decision not to organize the Freeride in September for the ninth edition.
We know that it is a hard blow for all the longboard community that follows us.

We thank you for your understanding, and so we look forward to seeing you in 2022 in May for a classic edition of the Outdoormix Festival.


Lyde Begue - Outdoormix Festival

Lyde Begue

Longboard Longboard 1 yo fr

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Yanis Markarian - Outdoormix Festival

Yanis Markarian

Longboard Longboard 24 yo fr

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Lucas Poulain - Outdoormix Festival

Lucas Poulain

Longboard Longboard fr

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Anne Poursin - Outdoormix Festival

Anne Poursin

Longboard Longboard 26 yo fr

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Gaetan Ricord - Outdoormix Festival

Gaetan Ricord

Longboard Longboard 22 yo fr

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