Alessandro Barbero - Outdoormix Festival

Alessandro Barbero

it 39 yo


There are very few Italian BMX pros who can make a name for themselves in the United States, but Alessandro Barbero has. Growing up under the influence of a father with a passion for motocross, he decided to take up two wheels and have a lot of fun on BMX. He followed the path that opened up in front of him without asking too many questions. Thanks to BMX, he was able to discover many places during competitions and demos all over the world. Based in Woodward East, Pennsylvania, it is also where he trains between trips.

His sponsors

  • Red Bull
  • Vans
  • Oakley
  • Mirra Bike Co.
  • Skullcandy
  • TSG
  • 43 Hardware
  • Woodward

His sport


Two spots, two competitions, one discipline: BMX.
The Dirt field will be dedicated to slopestyle competition and the Freestyle event will be present on the Spine Double Vulcano.
Two acrobatics and voltige events where international athletes will have only one thing in mind, to do the perfect trick to win.

His achievements


Italian Champion


Italian Champion


1st - FISE Montpellier

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