Jonathan Camacho - Outdoormix Festival

Jonathan Camacho

ec 30 yo


Born into a very popular Playas family in Ecuador, Jonathan was born in 1993. Throughout his childhood, he worked hard to buy his first bike. This rider built himself on small skateparks in his village. His goal is to lead his country around the world, participating in various competitions such as the prestigious FISE in China.

In 2014, he surprises everyone by winning the Queimada Contest de O Marisquiño BMX. From then on he starts to be noticed by many sponsors. From Ecuador to the rest of the world, Camacho records videos wherever he travels, sharing his life experiences and spreading his enthusiasm. Today he is part of the Locos Latinos Trip group with Andres Pardo, Victor Munoz and Jose Torres.
The desire to fight to live from his passion makes him a model and unique rider.

I want to do a sport that I can do by myself, where I can shine.

His sponsors

  • Monster
  • Vans
  • TroyLee Designs
  • Odi Grips
  • SPOT Bikepark
  • Cultura ACAÍ

His sport


2024 Results

His achievements


3rd - Pan-American Championship Freestyle BMX


1st - Vans BMX Pro Cup Regional


1st - Vans BMX Pro Cup Regional

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