Outdoormix Festival

Two spots, two competitions, one discipline: BMX.
The Dirt field will be dedicated to slopestyle competition and the Freestyle event will be present on the Spine Double Vulcano.
Two acrobatics and voltige events where international athletes will have only one thing in mind, to do the perfect trick to win.


Having exceptionally changed our dates to ensure a special edition in September 2021, the entire sports program has been subject to many new constraints, which force the organizers to postpone some competitions.

This year for BMX, the constraint is that the FISE of Montpellier will take place the same weekend as us.

We know that this is the annual meeting of the BMX community, and we are therefore choosing not to organize a competition this year so that you can enjoy the FISE as it should be.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to seeing you in May 2022 for a classic edition of the Outdoormix Festival.


José Torres - Outdoormix Festival

José Torres

BMX BMX 26 yo bo

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Anthony Jeanjean - Outdoormix Festival

Anthony Jeanjean

BMX BMX 24 yo fr

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Istvan Caillet - Outdoormix Festival

Istvan Caillet

BMX BMX 29 yo fr

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Andres Pardo - Outdoormix Festival

Andres Pardo

BMX BMX 26 yo co

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Victor Munoz - Outdoormix Festival

Victor Munoz

BMX BMX 34 yo cl

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Jonathan Camacho - Outdoormix Festival

Jonathan Camacho

BMX BMX 28 yo ec

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Cyril Lapoirie - Outdoormix Festival

Cyril Lapoirie

BMX BMX 29 yo fr

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Inaki Mazza - Outdoormix Festival

Inaki Mazza

BMX BMX 21 yo ar

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