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Jean Baptiste Chandelier

fr 35 yo


Jean-Baptiste Chandelier, a professional paragliding pilot and video creator, is still fighting to take his sport off the beaten track. Through these videos, he recounts his travels with extreme and beautiful images. His specialty, proximity flying.
He now lives in Embrun.

My goal is to share all the emotions I feel when I fly. The video allows me to let everyone take part in this dream: to fly!

His sponsors

  • Addidas Outdoor
  • Dudek Paraglider

His sport

Paraglider Paraglider

Between sky and snow, raise your eyes to admire the ballet of its artists in wire and canvas, performing breathtaking acrobatics and making your head spin in all directions. Fluid, fast and precise, these experienced pilots will express themselves above the crowd by carrying the freestyle high in the air.

His achievements


"Weightless" movie release


"Flying light" movie release


"Homefly" movie release

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