Eliot  Nochez - Outdoormix Festival

Eliot Nochez

fr 29 yo


Born in a family of enthusiasts, and put in the air at the age of two. He really discovered paragliding at the age of ten and chose to stay with it. This paraglider pilot finds through his discipline a diversity of feelings and sensations. French champion several times, this passion leads him to constantly set new challenges to not stop at official competitions.

I really started paragliding in 2004, it’s true. But the desire to fly came to me much earlier, when I saw my father in the sky. I was two years old when he took me to the first time for a tandem flight. Since that day, I have only thought of one thing: one day being able to fly alone, like a grown-up.

His sponsors

  • Advance Gliders
  • Altitude Eyewears
  • Salomon
  • Turblence Annecy
  • Valmorel Officiel

His sport

Paraglider Paraglider

Between sky and snow, raise your eyes to admire the ballet of its artists in wire and canvas, performing breathtaking acrobatics and making your head spin in all directions. Fluid, fast and precise, these experienced pilots will express themselves above the crowd by carrying the freestyle high in the air.

His achievements


7th - World Championship of acrobatics


World Team Champion


4th - French Aerobatics Championship

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