Jean-Baptiste Peytavit - Outdoormix Festival

Jean-Baptiste Peytavit

fr 37 yo


Originally from Cahors, Jean-Baptiste Peytavit, French acrobatic pro rider, is one of the best in BMX acrobatic bikes. It is his little brother who drags him to the skate park des Docks in Cahors at the age of 12.
His athletic qualities and his perseverance make him almost the only one in France to be on a bike so often, because if many take a break in winter, he keeps going.

His sponsors

  • Redline
  • Truc de Fou
  • Oakley
  • Freegun
  • Tamtamshop
  • Powerbar
  • Cycle-Tyres-Direct

His sport


2024 Results

His achievements


3rd - BMX Spine - Outdoormix Festival


1st - BMX Dirt - Outdoormix Festival


35th - Urban Cycling World Championships

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