ASM Live - Outdoormix Festival

ASM Live

Hip-Hop / Soul / Funk

With 3 critically acclaimed albums and over 600 concerts in 25 different countries, ASM has established itself as one of the preeminent Hip Hop groups in Europe. The international trio from a high school friendship first gained recognition through their collaboration with Wax Tailor. 2019 sees the return of ASM’s initial training.

The international trio, consisting of MCs Green and FP and DJ/producer Rhino, grew out of a high school friendship (one Canadian, one German and one English). They first gained international recognition with their collaboration with Wax Tailor: “Positively Inclined” and “Say Yes”. They have since collaborated with Chinese Man, MF DOOM, Deluxe, La Fine Equipe and many others.
After exploring the depth of cinematic orchestration and pushing the boundaries of narrative rap on their opus The Jade Amulet and a return to their original jazzy boom-bap on the String Theory EP, the 2 MCs of the group are accompanying Marseille-based Chinese Man on the “Shikantaza” tour in 2019, before joining the ranks of Chinese Man Records.

Spring 2017

EZPZ - Outdoormix Festival


Swing Hip-Hop

ASM Live - Outdoormix Festival

ASM Live

Hip-Hop / Soul / Funk

Pfel & Greem - Outdoormix Festival

Pfel & Greem

Hip-hop / Bass Electro / Scratch

Spring 2023

ASM Live - Outdoormix Festival

ASM Live

Hip-Hop / Soul / Funk

Youthstar X Miscellaneous - Outdoormix Festival

Youthstar X Miscellaneous

Hip-Hop / Electro

Chinese Man - Outdoormix Festival

Chinese Man

DJ Set Hip-Hop / Electro

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