Angely Bouillot - Outdoormix Festival

Angely Bouillot

fr 35 yo


A rather wild rider and a rather atypical course. Angely Bouillot, this 32 years old Frenchwoman was the first woman to participate to the biggest kitesurfing event in the world: the King of The Air.

I left in 2016 in search of wind and waves… and I haven’t come back yet! I have found my balance between freedom and the unknown. I hope I can help you see the world from a new perspective!

His sponsors

  • ANEO-Conseil
  • CORE Kiteboarding
  • We Ride
  • KSL

His sport

Kite Freestyle Kite

Freestyle kitesurfers will be putting on a show for the public on the Outdoormix beach during the famous local thermals. The hotter it gets, the more it blows! With no less than 4 world-champions invited this year, the Kite demonstrations are the show you can not miss this year !

His achievements


Female World Record - Highest Jump - 32,6m


Women's record, highest jump: 25m


Third participation at the Red Bull King of the Air (Cpae Town)

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