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Benni Schmid



Slacklining crossed my way 2008 in italy at the lago di garda. Since then i was fascinated by eventually being able to balance on a rope. Right away i figured that slacklines are actually very bouncy and started using it as a trampoline.

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Trickline Snow Slackline
Snow Slackline

Slackline is a sport of concentration, strength and flexibility often practiced to relax during the afternoons a little “chill” in the summer. Now imagine this practice, but in the extreme conditions of winter: the cold that confuses the mind and numbs the muscles.

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1st - Red Bull Airlines Neapel (Italia)

Ses résultats du Winter 2020

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2  - Outdoormix Festival
3 Felix Brodocz - Outdoormix Festival Felix Brodoczde
4  - Outdoormix Festival
5  - Outdoormix Festival
6 Thomas Leblanc - Outdoormix Festival Thomas Leblanc

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