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Benni Schmid



Benni Schmid, 26, from Stuttgart, Germany, lives his sport day by day and trains wherever life takes him. He prefers to train on soft ground, but he also prefers places with sand or water, which allow him to have fun.

Slacklining crossed my way 2008 in italy at the lago di garda. Since then i was fascinated by eventually being able to balance on a rope. Right away i figured that slacklines are actually very bouncy and started using it as a trampoline.

His sponsors

  • Gibbon

His sport

Trickline Slackline

Slacklining is a sport with many variations and appreciated by all. Take a simple slackline, more or less large, stretched by its two ends and let your creativity do the rest. Take the height with the “Trickline” and don’t hesitate to wet your bikini with the “Waterline”.

His achievements


2nd at the Redbull slack warrior


Deutscher Meister (ISPO - München)


Top 8 GoPro Ggames

Ses résultats du Winter 2020

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