Coralie Girault - Outdoormix Festival

Coralie Girault

fr 33 yo


Still called coco giro, this Parisian sees in jumping a way to let off steam and to control herself. Coming from acrobatic gymnastics, she discovered through the slackline a new way to express herself artistically speaking. She shows it through different places in the French capital.

At the beginning, I had a very small strap and I started to slackline in a park. It was other slackers who motivated me to get started. I was immediately more attracted by the bouncing slack. I find it funnier and I find the gymnastics figures I did a bit. When we do slackline, we meet a lot of people in the same universe, it’s a really nice community and so we hang fast enough.

His sponsors

  • Trickline France
  • Slack Mountain
  • Nograd
  • Ricoh Imaging France

His sport

Trickline Slackline

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Slacklining is a sport with many variations and appreciated by all. Take a simple slackline, more or less large, stretched by its two ends and let your creativity do the rest. Take the height with the “Trickline” and don’t hesitate to wet your bikini with the “Waterline”.

His achievements


1st - French Trickline Championship (Outdoormix Festival)


French Champion


Vice World Champion

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