Tauri Vahesaar - Outdoormix Festival

Tauri Vahesaar

ee 30 yo


Tauri Vahesaar knows the world of slackline for a long time, but he also practices other disciplines such as parkour, hiking or mountain biking. What he prefers in his favorite discipline is the different ways to relax. Trickline is his priority, but he is really good at all kinds of slacklining, especially longlining and highlining. His favorite spot? Tallinn, when he is doing street art and the slackline is 2 meters above the ground.

Everything is possible if you are willing to commit yourself

His sponsors

  • Gibbon

His sport

Trickline Slackline

Slacklining is a sport with many variations and appreciated by all. Take a simple slackline, more or less large, stretched by its two ends and let your creativity do the rest. Take the height with the “Trickline” and don’t hesitate to wet your bikini with the “Waterline”.

His achievements


2nd - Redbull Airlines Catania


1st - World Slackline Masters (with Jaan Roose)


1st - Redbull Slackship

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