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Outdoormix festival

The slackline is a sport with many variations and enjoyable for all. Take a simple strap more or less large, stretched by its two ends and let your creativity do the rest. Take the height with the “Trickline” and don’t hesitate to wet the jersey with the “Waterline”.



One of the most spectacular show of our sports program. We welcome best internationals trickliners every year.

  • Spot : Outdoormix village beach

More informations soon !

Waterline Challenge

This challenge is our way to bring together slackliners of all levels at the Outdoormix Festival. Extremely fun!

  • Spot : Embrun water body
  • Format : Water Line sprint challenge
  • Challenge days : Saturday
  • Number of seats :
  • Money Prize : prizes to be won
  • Required documents: medical certificate only
  • Registration fee :
    80 € (concerts & competitions)
    30 € (competition only)


Antony Newton - Outdoormix Festival

Antony Newton

Slackline Highline 32 yo fr

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Coralie Girault - Outdoormix Festival

Coralie Girault

Slackline Trickline 31 yo fr

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Emi Gimenez - Outdoormix Festival

Emi Gimenez

Slackline Trickline 29 yo ar

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Giovanna Petrucci - Outdoormix Festival

Giovanna Petrucci

Slackline Trickline 23 yo br

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Haruki Kinoshita - Outdoormix Festival

Haruki Kinoshita

Slackline Trickline 21 yo jp

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Jaan Roose - Outdoormix Festival

Jaan Roose

Slackline Trickline 29 yo ee

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Luca Carozza - Outdoormix Festival

Luca Carozza

Slackline Trickline it

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Marius Kitowski - Outdoormix Festival

Marius Kitowski

Slackline Trickline de

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Mickey Wilson - Outdoormix Festival

Mickey Wilson

Slackline Trickline 25 yo us

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Nathan Faure-Vincent - Outdoormix Festival

Nathan Faure-Vincent

Slackline Trickline 25 yo fr

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Pablo Signoret - Outdoormix Festival

Pablo Signoret

Slackline Highline 22 yo fr

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Rosa Tokumoto - Outdoormix Festival

Rosa Tokumoto

Slackline Trickline 31 yo pe

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Rui Mimoso - Outdoormix Festival

Rui Mimoso

Slackline Trickline 37 yo pt

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Tauri Vahesaar - Outdoormix Festival

Tauri Vahesaar

Slackline Trickline 28 yo ee

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