Florian Ferrasse - Outdoormix Festival

Florian Ferrasse

fr 26 yo

Biography :

Born in St Jean de Védas in 1994 Florian wanted to make a career in soccer, but he didn’t like team sports anymore. So he watched BMX sessions, and at the age of 14 he started riding.
A perfectionism that led other pro bikers to call him “Mr. Clean”.

Invested in the Basic BMX association with Anthony Jean and Quentin Morien, he also represents the colors of the Skatepro brand since 2020. “Serious, dynamic and rigorous” is how the young French hopeful who is a member of the French cycling team defines himself. One of the great hopes of the French BMX Freestyle park.

No pain, no gain

His sponsors

  • Skatepro
  • Basic BMX
  • Five Gloves
  • Prochocs

His sport


Two spots, two competitions, one discipline: BMX.
The Dirt field will be dedicated to slopestyle competition and the Freestyle event will be present on the Spine Double Vulcano.
Two acrobatics and voltige events where international athletes will have only one thing in mind, to do the perfect trick to win.

His achievements


23rd - BMX Freestyle Park World Cup (Chengdu)


3rd - BMX Spine (Outdoormix Festival)


Vice french champion

Ses résultats du Spring 2019

Ses résultats du Spring 2018

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