Joaquim Fontané Maso - Outdoormix Festival

Joaquim Fontané Maso

es 28 yo


Joaquim Fontane Maso alias “Quim” started kayaking in his hometown, Salt, (Catalonia). In 2004 he attended the European Championship of Kayak Freestyle as a spectator and became completely addicted to this discipline. In 2007 he was 13 years old when he won the Spanish Championship in the “Junior” category.

In 2008, he joined the Spanish team, and in 2009 he made the final of the World Championships in Thun as the youngest competitor in the event. In 2010 he becomes Junior European Champion and in 2011 Vice Junior World Champion. In 2014 he becomes the best European freestyler of the season by winning silver in Europe and bronze in the World Cup.

Paddling is the best lifestyle I could have chosen. I hope that with my passion for the sport, I can take kayaking to the next level. Freestyle competition, expeditions, chasing big waves, first runs and any other challenge that can help the sport evolve. My goal is to become one of the best paddlers of all time.

His sponsors

  • Kokatat
  • Guigui Prod
  • Liquidlogic
  • Werner Paddles
  • Predator Water & Air
  • Bewolfish
  • Sport H
  • Snap Dragon

His sport

Kayak Freestyle Kayak

Loaded with history, the wave of La Clapière is currently an emblematic spot in the Hautes-Alpes for freestyle kayaking. This discipline requires technique and fluidity to achieve fast and precise “tricks”. With calm and cold blood, the kayakers will have to master the power of the current to place their tricks and convince the judges and the public.

His achievements


Kayak Freestyle World Vice Champion - Cat K1


Kayak Freestyle World Champion - Cat K1


Kayak freestyle European Champion - Cat K1

Ses résultats du Spring 2018

# Rider
1 Joaquim Fontané Maso - Outdoormix Festival Joaquim Fontané Maso es
2 Nico Chassing
3 Thomas Richard

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