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Jacques Gilardone

it 33 yo


My name is Jacques Gilardone, a Franco-Italian who lives in Val Sesia. I have always lived in Italy, and at the end of my university studies I travelled for 2 years in Australia and South-East Asia. With kayaking, traveling is my greatest passion and I always try to do as much as possible!
I have been paddling since I was very young, about 3 years, thanks to my father who passed on his greatest passion to me: river kayaking! My father started with slalom while spending his vacations in Val Sesia, Italy. I learned to paddle at the same time as walking, my kayaking memories are the oldest I have!

His sponsors

  • Exo kayak
  • Eddyline

His sport

Kayak Extreme Kayak

Kayaking on the Outdoormix is the basis. And if originally kayaking on the Outdoormix was aimed at the river elite, today it opens its arms to the greatest number of people to simply have fun together in performance!
The principle is simple: to participate in the development of the Extreme Slalom by proposing a technical and fun course as well as a double Mass Start during a grouped descent from Le Rabioux to La Clapière.
Finally, a brand new Down River Freestyle format invented for the occasion will showcase the new Zion Exo* Monotype boats with flat tails in their wide features.

*Boats provided by the organization.

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