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Jacques Gilardone

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My name is Jacques Gilardone, a Franco-Italian who lives in Val Sesia. I have always lived in Italy, and at the end of my university studies I travelled for 2 years in Australia and South-East Asia. With kayaking, traveling is my greatest passion and I always try to do as much as possible!
I have been paddling since I was very young, about 3 years, thanks to my father who passed on his greatest passion to me: river kayaking! My father started with slalom while spending his vacations in Val Sesia, Italy. I learned to paddle at the same time as walking, my kayaking memories are the oldest I have!

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Kayak Extreme Kayak

For this tenth edition, following the destruction of the clapière wave during the December floods, we are unable to organize a kayak competition.

Kayakers are still welcome at the festival to enjoy the many rivers in the area. All they need to do is obtain a festival pass and/or camping pitch directly from the reception desk at the La Clapière municipal campsite.

We’ll be pulling out all the stops to ensure that kayaking makes a big comeback in 2025.

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