Pavlina Zasterova - Outdoormix Festival

Pavlina Zasterova

cz 26 yo


Coming from a family of kayakers, Pavlina Zasterova was carried along by the family lifestyle. She learned to kayak with her father before the intervention of all her slalom coaches later on. These feelings of power and freedom from nature and the environment that is water drive Pavlina to continue to enjoy every second on the river.

I started on the Otava River in my hometown of Písek when I was 6 years old. The first race took place in Sušice, the town where the Galasport brand originated. I remember finishing second, so I decided to train harder so I wouldn’t be second anymore.

His sponsors

  • Zet Kayak
  • Galasport
  • Hiko
  • Meatfly

His sport

Kayak Extreme Kayak

Kayaking on the Outdoormix is the basis. And if originally kayaking on the Outdoormix was aimed at the river elite, today it opens its arms to the greatest number of people to simply have fun together in performance!
The principle is simple: to participate in the development of the Extreme Slalom by proposing a technical and fun course as well as a double Mass Start during a grouped descent from Le Rabioux to La Clapière.
Finally, a brand new Down River Freestyle format invented for the occasion will showcase the new Zion Exo* Monotype boats with flat tails in their wide features.

*Boats provided by the organization.

His achievements


2nd - EKEC (Extrem Kayak European Cup)


1st - Ekstrem Sport Veko (Norway)


Kayak Extrem European Champion

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