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Outdoormix Festival

FMB Bronze competition, we are waiting for you many Dirters with this year some modifications on the line. A line shaped by ours expert Nicolas Terrier, Jérémie berthier, Max Chauvet et David Dejean. And this year you could participate to the DH in parallel !!!


Résultats MTB Dirt



Competition format FMB Bronze - Dirt Compétition
Prize money 1500€ & many prizes
Open to 60 riders
Open competition From category U18 (from 16 years).


Required documents
  ⯈ Valid FMB license
  ⯈ Medical certificate (-1 year) for the practice of mountain biking in competition
  ⯈ Parental authorization for minors.

How to register Via the form below.


To be ranked and score in the FMB event, you must submit:
  ⯈ Either a World Tour license ( & )
  ⯈ Or a Free license ( only)
To reserve your FMB license online, please click on the button below.


Required equipment
Dirt bike in riding condition | Helmet
Protections strongly recommended
Knee, shin and wrist guards


MTB Dirt
Elie Robert - Outdoormix Festival

Elie Robert

MTB Dirt MTB Dirt 28 yo fr

view his details

Simon Pagès - Outdoormix Festival

Simon Pagès

MTB Dirt MTB Dirt 26 yo fr

view his details

Thibault Figone - Outdoormix Festival

Thibault Figone

MTB Dirt MTB Dirt 24 yo fr

view his details

Maxime Peythieu - Outdoormix Festival

Maxime Peythieu

Snow MTB Snow MTB 29 yo fr

view his details

Tomas Lemoine - Outdoormix Festival

Tomas Lemoine

MTB Dirt MTB Dirt 27 yo fr

view his details

Franck  Chauvet - Outdoormix Festival

Franck Chauvet

MTB Dirt MTB Dirt 31 yo fr

view his details

Antoni Villoni - Outdoormix Festival

Antoni Villoni

MTB Dirt MTB Dirt 31 yo fr

view his details

Nicolas Terrier - Outdoormix Festival

Nicolas Terrier

MTB Dirt MTB Dirt 29 yo fr

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