MTB Dirt MTB Dirt

Outdoormix festival

The Dirt mountain bike embodies the “freestyle” spirit of the festival. It’s a discipline made for sportsmen, players and creative people who worship the earth! This action-packed sport requires specific equipment with a low saddle, a fork and a sturdy frame to handle the somewhat moving landings. Expect a smashing show from Europe’s best pro riders.


MTB Dirt

  • Format : Slopestyle FMB Bronze competition
  • Spot : 5 bumps black line (forest spirit)
  • Prize Money : 1500€
  • Free training day : Friday, May 21, 2021,
  • Competition days : Saturday 22 & Sunday 23 May 2021
  • Open to : 30 riders
  • Accepted documents : FMB license or medical certificate*
  • Registration fee :
    80 € (concerts & competitions)


MTB Dirt
Antoni Villoni - Outdoormix Festival

Antoni Villoni

MTB Dirt MTB Dirt 29 yo fr

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Elie Robert - Outdoormix Festival

Elie Robert

Snow MTB Snow MTB 26 yo fr

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Franck  Chauvet - Outdoormix Festival

Franck Chauvet

Snow MTB Snow MTB 29 yo fr

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Maxime Peythieu - Outdoormix Festival

Maxime Peythieu

Snow MTB Snow MTB 27 yo fr

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Simon Pagès - Outdoormix Festival

Simon Pagès

MTB Dirt MTB Dirt 24 yo fr

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Thibault Figone - Outdoormix Festival

Thibault Figone

MTB Dirt MTB Dirt 22 yo fr

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Tomas Lemoine - Outdoormix Festival

Tomas Lemoine

Snow MTB Snow MTB 25 yo fr

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MTB Dirt


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