Spring 2016

Outdoormix Festival



4th edition


Embrun ( Hautes-Alpes )

Relive the fourth edition of the Outdoormix adventure! In 2016, the Outdoormix Festival is set against the backdrop of the biggest outdoor events in the world. Attendance exceeds 50,000 people.

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The campsite and the concert area are on the verge of exploding, especially during the evening which presents Hilight Tribe (historic concert). The event village is filling up with over 30 brands and is starting to feel like a complete event with sport for all, international headliners for concerts.

Finally, the beginnings of an Outdoor show that convinces by the number of brands present and the public interest in exhibitors’ products. Finally, volunteers feel better about their missions, which they now know inside and out. A real feeling of relaxation takes hold among all those involved in the event, from staff to professionals, from sportsmen to festivalgoers. 2016 was the edition of a real confirmation of the maturity of the WE05 organization.


Ondubground - Outdoormix Festival


DJ Vadim - Outdoormix Festival

DJ Vadim

Hip-hop / Reggae / Drum & Bass

L'Entourloop - Outdoormix Festival


Hip-Hop / Reggae

Tha Trickaz - Outdoormix Festival

Tha Trickaz


Iphaze - Outdoormix Festival


Drums / Machines / Video

Elisa do brasil - Outdoormix Festival

Elisa do brasil

Drum & Bass / Techno

Basta Paï Paï - Outdoormix Festival

Basta Paï Paï

French Song / Ska / Rock

Le Peuple de l'Herbe - Outdoormix Festival

Le Peuple de l'Herbe

Hip-hop / Acid Jazz / Dub / Drum & bass

Hilight Tribe - Outdoormix Festival

Hilight Tribe

Natural Trance / Psy Trance



Spring 2016
Mickey Wilson - Outdoormix Festival

Mickey Wilson

Slackline Trickline 28 yo us

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Tomas Lemoine - Outdoormix Festival

Tomas Lemoine

MTB Dirt MTB Dirt 28 yo fr

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Simon Pagès - Outdoormix Festival

Simon Pagès

MTB Dirt MTB Dirt 27 yo fr

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Quentin Valesa - Outdoormix Festival

Quentin Valesa

Kite Kite Freestyle 29 yo fr

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Pauline Valesa - Outdoormix Festival

Pauline Valesa

Kite Kite Freestyle 27 yo fr

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Pablo Signoret - Outdoormix Festival

Pablo Signoret

Slackline Highline 25 yo fr

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Nicolas Fayol - Outdoormix Festival

Nicolas Fayol

Stand Up Paddle Stand Up Paddle 54 yo fr

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Nathan Faure-Vincent - Outdoormix Festival

Nathan Faure-Vincent

Slackline Trickline 28 yo fr

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