Spring 2015

Outdoormix Festival



3th edition


Embrun ( Hautes-Alpes )

Relive the third edition of the Outdoormix adventure! In 2015, We05 finally understood that a traveling event was a far too heavy utopia in terms of logistics.

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For its three years, the event becomes sedentary and takes up residence on the most beautiful spot in the area, the beach of the spray lake, known for its breathtaking natural setting, but also for its perfect adaptability concerning facilities, thus facilitating the organization of major events: the “Embrun Triathlon”, the “Tour de France” or the “E dans l’eau festival”, which largely inspired the WE05 team in its youth.

Volunteers greatly appreciated this new lightness in their missions. That year, following two flourishing editions, the association’s resources were sufficient to start investing in national music programming and therefore more attractive to the populations of neighboring regions. The sports program is also developing with the integration of MTB Dirt. That year, the Outdoormix festival began to appeal to the public and especially families, thanks to the development of a free initiation program for the various sports on the program.


Itchy & Scratchy - Outdoormix Festival

Itchy & Scratchy

Breakbeats / Drum & Bass

Driss - Outdoormix Festival


Shotu - Outdoormix Festival


Mayd Hubb - Outdoormix Festival

Mayd Hubb

Underground music

Joe Pilgrim - Outdoormix Festival

Joe Pilgrim

Reggae Dub / Soul-Groove

Panda Dub - Outdoormix Festival

Panda Dub

Electro / Dub

Soviet Suprem - Outdoormix Festival

Soviet Suprem

Chanson Française / militaro-punk

Smokey Joe & The Kid - Outdoormix Festival

Smokey Joe & The Kid

Electro HipHop

Captain Cumbia - Outdoormix Festival

Captain Cumbia

Electro / Cumbia



Spring 2015
Nicolas Fayol - Outdoormix Festival

Nicolas Fayol

Stand Up Paddle Stand Up Paddle 54 yo fr

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Nathan Faure-Vincent - Outdoormix Festival

Nathan Faure-Vincent

Slackline Trickline 28 yo fr

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Maxime Peythieu - Outdoormix Festival

Maxime Peythieu

MTB Dirt MTB Dirt 30 yo fr

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Jaan Roose - Outdoormix Festival

Jaan Roose

Slackline Trickline 32 yo ee

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Pablo Signoret - Outdoormix Festival

Pablo Signoret

Slackline Highline 25 yo fr

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Gaetan Ricord - Outdoormix Festival

Gaetan Ricord

Longboard Longboard 25 yo fr

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Franck  Chauvet - Outdoormix Festival

Franck Chauvet

Snow MTB Snow MTB 32 yo fr

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Eric Deguil - Outdoormix Festival

Eric Deguil

Kayak Kayak Extreme 43 yo fr

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