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Louis Boniface

fr 26 yo

Louis Boniface is a living legend of the jumpline. Known on several continents thanks to his films and exploits, he has won numerous competitions and today holds two Guiness World Records for a triple front somersault on a slackline and the triple butt backflip. After having stopped high level gymnastics, it is in the slackline that he found the same sensations and characteristics: amplitude, head down, artistic figures.

His sponsors

  • Nograd
  • Slackmoutain
  • Brennos
  • Spiruline de l'arque
  • Syndeed
  • Klaracha performance
  • Hemotion

His sport

Slackline Slackline

2024 Results

His achievements


"France has an Incredible Talent"


Triple Butt Backflip | Guiness World Records


Double Backflip feet to feet | World Record

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Louis Boniface

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