Louis Boniface - Outdoormix Festival

Louis Boniface

fr 25 yo

Louis Boniface is a living legend of the jumpline. Known on several continents thanks to his films and exploits, he has won numerous competitions and today holds two Guiness World Records for a triple front somersault on a slackline and the triple butt backflip. After having stopped high level gymnastics, it is in the slackline that he found the same sensations and characteristics: amplitude, head down, artistic figures.

His sponsors

  • Nograd
  • Slackmoutain
  • Brennos
  • Spiruline de l'arque
  • Syndeed
  • Klaracha performance
  • Hemotion

His sport

Slackline Slackline

The slackline is a sport with many variations and enjoyable for all. Take a simple strap more or less large, stretched by its two ends and let your creativity do the rest. Take the height with the “Trickline” and don’t hesitate to wet the jersey with the “Waterline”.

His achievements


"France has an Incredible Talent"


Triple Butt Backflip | Guiness World Records


Double Backflip feet to feet | World Record

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Louis Boniface

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