Spring 2013

Outdoormix Festival



1st edition


Embrun ( Hautes-Alpes )

Relive the founding event of the Outdoormix adventure! In 2013, the first Outdoormix Festival was born. A traveling event at the time, which traveled from Briançon to Embrun over 5 days of sport and parties.

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This first edition was for all those who lived it, a completely crazy and unique experience with a big logistics due to the many daily trips of our whole village and concert area. The public and the athletes were there, the evenings were a hit with a score of 1200 people on the last evening.

A brilliant first for the department. Full of youth, the hundred or so volunteers braved everything and came out, after 5 grueling days, with the common feeling of having created a movement, a community, a new date to be added to the May calendar. The meeting place for the Hautes-Alpes! It was the first of the editions, it was mainly geared towards European sportsmen and the most ardent festival-goers in the region. The event was a great success as it brought together 8 athletic nations and a few thousand visitors to make the valley vibrate non-stop for 5 days and 5 nights!


Zion Connexion Sound - Outdoormix Festival

Zion Connexion Sound

Electro / Dub / Reggae

Treuz Bass Sound System - Outdoormix Festival

Treuz Bass Sound System

Dub / Reggae

Sherpa FM - Outdoormix Festival

Sherpa FM


Dj Little June - Outdoormix Festival

Dj Little June

Electro Swing

Dj Grounchoo - Outdoormix Festival

Dj Grounchoo

Electro Swing

Willy Braillon - Outdoormix Festival

Willy Braillon

Electro House

Dj Mc Fly - Outdoormix Festival

Dj Mc Fly

Electro House

DJ Kermit - Outdoormix Festival

DJ Kermit

Electro House

Teo Wire - Outdoormix Festival

Teo Wire

Electro / D'n'B / Dubstep

Milkwater - Outdoormix Festival


Yaspa - Outdoormix Festival





Spring 2013
Michele Ramazza - Outdoormix Festival

Michele Ramazza

Kayak Kayak Extreme 40 yo it

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Eric Deguil - Outdoormix Festival

Eric Deguil

Kayak Kayak Extreme 43 yo fr

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Nicolas Fayol - Outdoormix Festival

Nicolas Fayol

Stand Up Paddle Stand Up Paddle 54 yo fr

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