Antony Newton - Outdoormix Festival

Antony Newton

fr 35 yo


Member of the association Sangle dessus Dessous, Antony lives life day by day with his sport. He is physiotherapist for a few months of the year, he occupies the rest of his time between the practice of highline and base jump. He is also, with one of his best friends Pablo Signoret, slackline ambassador for several years on the Outdoormix Festival.

For me, the highline is the mix between individual and collective sports. The individual side is when you’re alone on your line and you walk over the void. It’s the kiff of concentration, of being in the void, in a place where no one can ever go.

His sponsors

  • Sangle Dessus-Dessous
  • Lagoped
  • Monvic
  • Altitude Eyewear

His sport

Highline Slackline

2024 Results

His achievements


Achieved 2000 Base Jump jumps in just 4 years


World 1st - First Human Zipline


World 1st - Installation of a 200m highline above a favela in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

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